About 74 Park Avenue


Our History


We've worked with Old School to new, and have learned valuable lessons along the way.  Let our mistakes and positive experince be your guide so you don't have to go through what we have...for you.


From what to wear, to how you present yourself to how you carry your conversation; kindly let us drive...with your input of course, we simply don't want you to feel nor drive 'blind' in what may be new to you.


Our Expertise


We don't ecpect you to know everything, nor do we.

However we'd like to suggest how we've seen situations that work...and when they haven't...




Our Commitment


To develop and get you in the door (past security) at several Major Record Companies.

Adjudging your head is on straight, and you're not mad at the world, or especially those that are trying to help you, our connections become yours, however, we have no room for 'know it alls' 'divas in training' or simply put 'spoiled brats' that aren't willing to work for this just like everyone else.


We've experienced everything from negative postings to parents calling and begging to cover up messes.


And here's the problem, if you're dealing with a Problem Client/Artist along the lines of the aforementioned, then it's our name on the line when you walk into the Label(s), not the problem client.


We have to do business with these Labels on a regular basis, while the problem client will more than likely never see them again; which welcomes the term, *not all will qualify.